Fall Retreat | October 22-24 | Branson, MO

2020 was an impactful year to say the least. Impactful on families as well as on HomeBuilders Ministry, but the onsite retreats are back! We did a study and a survey to determine the impacts on families during 2020 and discovered that some families failed, some survived, and some thrived.  One of the major factors that determined the difference was persistence.

The theme this year is “PERSIST” based upon Galatians 6:9. We found Families who set priorities, were intentional, were persistent and accountable to build their family on Biblical principles not only survived but thrived.

The Homebuilders Retreat October 22-24 is designed to continue that success for couples and singles in the beautiful Ozark mountains.  The conference’s team of well-qualified Christian speakers and musicians are preparing and excited to share God’s strategic mission with you.

Join us in Branson to strengthen your family while enjoying the Westgate amenities and Branson attractions – shows, Silver Dollar City, Table Rock Lake, museums, ziplines, and more.









FRIDAY EVENING kicks off your get-away with dinner at the Pavilion and a time to experience food, friends, and fellowship.  The first general session will be Friday night, and don’t forget afterwards the refreshments, free time, and fellowship.

SATURDAY‘s schedule allows you to customize the conference to meet your specific needs in the areas of marriage, parenting, personal growth, health, family relationships, and finance with concurrent morning sessions followed by Connect Time to allow you to discuss what you have just learned in the sessions.  Saturday afternoon is set aside as free-time to enjoy Branson area attractions, or you can signup for the Extreme Session.

SATURDAY EVENING includes a time of worship and  a Q&A session with the presenters to address your specific topics and concerns followed by a challenge.  Afterwards enjoy refreshments, camp fire, free time, and fellowship.

SUNDAY’s schedule again allows you to choose between concurrent sessions pertaining to the family to tailor the morning to your specific interests.  The general session wraps up the retreat with a summary and challenge.  For those desiring extra time away, accommodations can be arranged with the Westgate Resort or other establishments within the area to enjoy the many Branson area attractions.

Come renew your relationship with the Lord, your mate, your future mate, or friends while learning practical application of Biblical principles to every-day family life.




Registration deadline for the conference is October 17th.
After that conference registrations are on an as available basis.  Accommodations are made separately. Onsite accommodation deadline is also October 17th for those desiring to stay onsite.


Accommodations are not included in the cost of the retreat.  
Registrants will need to make reservations for their own lodging.

2021 Fall Retreat Ticket


To reserve your spot for the 2021 Fall Retreat in Branson, MO, just buy a ticket for each person. ROOMS ARE NOT INCLUDED! We wanted everyone to be able to choose their own arrangements. Want to stay on the premises in a standard room, one bedroom villa, two bedroom villa, or maybe a cabin? No problem! Prefer a favorite hotel in Branson? Go for it! We will see you at the retreat.


Event Details

Date: October 22, 2021

Start time: 03:00 p.m.


Click on the dates below to see the schedule for that day.
3:00 PM Registration (from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm)
6:00 PM Dinner at the Pavilion
7:00 PM General Session (Music, Games, Speaker)
9:00 PM Refreshments / Free Time / Fellowship / Camp Fire


2020 and Beyond

Larry and Lorinda Fincher

2020 as an impactful year on families to say the least. To further evaluate that impact we did a study including a survey to determine the impacts and outcomes. The results were that some families failed, some survived, and some thrived.  The most important finding was that the families who thrived set priorities, were intentional, were persistent, and accountable to build their family on Biblical principles.  In this session we will unpack those major findings.

Persisting in Tough Times

Mark and Jenny Clements

What happens when calamity comes? What happens in your home, in your marriage, in yourself? We will take time to remember that Christ-centered homes are not immune to uncomfortable, difficult, or even traumatic circumstances. We will try to grasp the challenging reality that God allows them into our lives for purposes we may never fully understand. We will remind ourselves of the fundamental presuppositions we must carry with us into the storm, the bedrock truths that will outlast the storm, upon which we firmly stand. Lastly, we will learn to find joy in the midst of sorrow, knowing that God is preparing us and others for eternity.

Marriage: Beauty in every season

Chad and Julie Graves

Join us for a hike and a conversation about scripture, beauty, and the dignity of life and marriage. From start to finish, every season of marriage can be filled with discovery and treasured. When it rains, head for the waterfalls. When it is hot, find the a refreshing pool. When it is spring marvel at new life. Don’t miss the dignity of life and all of it’s glory. Don’t declare Ichabod over what God has declared Kabod.

Simple Money: The Proven Path to Financial Independence

Todd Sadowski

We often wrongly assume that to get ahead with finances, there must be some complex formula to follow. In reality, the path to healthy finances is quite simple. Are you willing to follow some simple steps to take your finances to the next level?

Consistency in Building a Legacy

Dubs Byers

Zig Ziglar once said, “A big shot is just a little shot who kept on shooting!” When it comes to leaving a legacy, it’s not a matter of having buildings and roads named after us when we are gone.  It’s a matter of our character and commitment to God being indelibly written on the hearts of those who follow after us. In this workshop we will examine a plan to leave a legacy that will add value to generations to come.

Shift Your Focus

Jaycob Kramer

“My marriage is easy, and everything is perfect”, said no one. Plain and simple, marriage is hard work. Gary Chapman paints a stunning picture of marriage, in comparing the seasons of marriage to the season of our climate. Some marriages are in a summer season, deep commitment and satisfaction of love; some are in a fall season, difficult changes and nagging problems; some are in a winter season, cold and bitter; some are in a spring season, new beginnings and budding signs of love. Which season are you in? No matter what season you’re in, we all need to develop a habit of endurance. The Bible proclaims (1 Cor. 13:7) that love never gives up, never loses faith, always has hope, and endures through any circumstance (season). Join the conversation, as we take a deep look into God’s design for remaining anchored in Him and His word during these changing seasons.

When the storm comes will your house stand?

Dr. Eric and Keri Spann

In 2017, 2018, and 2019 Homebuilders Ministry has served families from Dallas to Gulf Shores with seminars to help prepare couples for dealing with the stresses of life, fighting for their families, and evaluating their time for the margin needed to handle the tough times.  Well tough times are here—and often these tough times best show what we’re really made of.

In retrospect, the last three years of seminars appear providential and prophetic.  How has your marriage and family done?  We seem to have come full circle to the storms and winds that WILL descend, beat down, and blow.  Sadly, COVID has revealed that the foundations of many were riddle with termites and the foundation is cracking.

If we want our house to stand, we will have to choose to be tough and show a grit that most won’t.  Keri and I will share wisdom from Scripture, and real life examples from 34 years of marriage, and 27 years of child rearing, as we look at the qualities of resilience and discipline that are needed to see your dreams come true and the purposes for which God made and joined you.


Chad and Julie Graves

will lead a Saturday afternoon session that is challenging both spiritually and physically with a hike in the Lakeside Wilderness Area.  A session on “Marriage: Beauty in every Season” will be presented along the trail while you enjoy scenic views of forest and Lake Taneycomo.  However, be prepared for the Cliffwalk Stairway consisting of 315 stone steps to try your stamina.

Persistent Parenting

Ross & Amy McBroome

We live in a world full of uncertainty and periodical chaos.  In this uncontrollable world how can we as parents keep our focus God centered. With our days filled with constant distractions and ever-present scheduling changes how are we to raise the Godly young men and young ladies we have been tasked with equipping. “Persistent Parenting”



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Homebuilders Ministry was such a blessing to me and my wife!!!!!
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