The 2020 HomeBuilders Fall Retreat is being Transformed!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the onsite Retreat October 23-25  is canceled.
Our dedicated, creative team has developed a virtual retreat available on your screen starting NOW.

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        • The Virtual Retreat will be located on the HomeBuilders Website
        • You can register on the website at no cost
        • You can select which sessions (general and breakout) to watch and view on your schedule
        • All handouts will be available to download
        • All content will be available on your desktop, smart phone, smart pad, etc.
        • The Virtual Retreat will be available throughout May



Fearless Finances

Todd Sadowski

Good finances don’t happen by accident. Left on autopilot, we might end up broke, frustrated, bitter, and feeling empty. Too many Christians are feeling the weight of managing their money and feeling a lack of direction. Our Heavenly Father has provided us with timeless principles from His word, so we might be equipped for the fight. Peace is attainable. An impactful and meaningful life is desirable. Good stewardship is about more than just money, and it is worth the fight.

Attaining balance between work and family

Dubs Byers

Families are so busy today. There are more and more activities available to enrich the family. There is more and more demanded of us in our profession. If we’re at work, we feel guilty for not spending more time at home. If we’re at home, we feel guilty for not spending more time at work. This is especially true for those who have chosen to go in the ministry. In this session, we will examine some biblical principles regarding work and home and attempt to establish balance between the two.

Habits of Strong Marriage

Jaycob Kramer

Great marriages don’t just happen – they require lots of work. Whether you have been married six months or sixty years, every marriage has work to do. With honesty, wisdom, and a healthy dose of humor, Jaycob will give you 6 Biblical-based disciplines for a healthy marriage relationship. It is a proven fact, that small disciplines done consistently, will turn into gigantic payoffs. This is especially true in marriage, these disciplines (habits) will do two things for you: help you regain/strengthen your closeness and heal/protect your marriage from the threat of division, miscommunication, unmet needs, sucker punches, and personality differences. Join in the conversation and understand how the decisions you make every day can produce the marriage you have always wanted.

Battleground for Your Heart: Satisfying Intimacy Worth Fighting For

Dr. Eric and Keri Spann

Everyone battles a secret sin problem of the heart that Satan plays on through our flesh.  He seeks to destroy our lives in the secret parts–to steal God’s glory and hurt His beloved children in this most blessed and pleasurable relationship. He also hates the family and will do anything he can to ruin these prime relationships.  Because of that he targets marriage, and its tremendous capacity for fulfillment and satisfaction.

Every man has a battle.  So does every woman.  Keri and I will address the secret life of fantasy and the sensuality that Satan attempts to pervert in the life of every husband and wife, to fill our secret chambers with darkness and dissatisfaction.

Blending a Family (It will be easy they said)

Larry & Lorinda Fincher

A Blended Families, sometimes referred to as a stepfamily, is a family that is formed by the remarriage of a divorced or widowed person and includes one or more children.  Blended families are becoming more prevalent (one study shows that 40% of married couples are step couples). While blending a family is not easy, it is well worth the effort.  In this session we will discuss why blending a family is challenging and propose some strategies to make blending successful.

Quality vs. Quantity in Parenting

Ross & Amy McBroome

What is most important to you? Most people would automatically respond “My Family”. Someone once said, “Actions speak louder than words”.  What do your actions show to be most important?  We would protect our kids from anyone who would do them harm, but what if that person is US?  It is past time for us to Fight for Our Families! This session will help give you a new perspective on the Quality of our family time and bring to light the dangers of over filling our family lives.

A Parent’s Guide to Online Protection

Ashley Harris

“It’s a scary world out there.”  We think it constantly and we tell our kids regularly.  The thing is, it’s not just scary “out there” anymore.  The virtual world of the internet has now brought the big, bad, scary world into almost every part of our lives—and our homes.

Parents (and grandparents) struggle with the knowledge that we need to protect our kids from the danger of the internet, but with technology continually evolving and new risks arising every day, it’s daunting to even think about where to begin.  This session will discuss some real-life, practical ways to secure your home network, as well as the shared and individual devices that your loved ones use to interact with the online world.  We will discuss good practices to protect your accounts and guard your devices from the things that can easily (and even unintentionally) come through them.  We’ll even touch on some parental control or reporting options to ensure your child’s device isn’t being used to violate the expectations you set when you gave it to them.



One of our favorite parts of the Homebuilders retreat is the personal interaction among those presenting the seminars and those attending. It’s not just a transference of information, but an obvious conviction about improving marriages on an individual level and the presenters willingness to invest personally into the lives of those attending. In our opinion, this is what makes the Homebuilders retreat stand our from other marriage retreats.
Ralph Ruffin