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Larry & Lorinda Fincher

Larry and Lorinda Fincher have extensive experience in teaching, counseling, and working with families.  They have presented seminars, conferences, and retreats nationally and internationally.  Larry and Lorinda attend Pathway Baptist Church in Fayetteville, AR where Larry is on staff.  They have five children and fifteen grandchildren.

[icon_link style=”email” href=”mailto:info@homebuildersministry.org”]info@homebuildersministry.org[/icon_link] [icon style=”phone”](318) 614.3479[/icon] [/four_fifth_last]

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Dr. Eric Spann

Dr. Eric Spann is a graduate of LSU Medical School at Shreveport and has a family medical practice in Mt. View, Arkansas.  He is a member of Flatwoods Baptist Church in Mt. View.  Dr. Spann ministers to couples and families in the church and in his medical practice.

[icon_link style=”email” href=”mailto:egsmd@trhe.org”]egsmd@trhe.org[/icon_link] [icon style=”phone”](870) 438.6705[/icon] [/four_fifth_last]

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Todd Sadowski

Todd Sadowski is the founder of Christian Financial Principles, a financial planning and investment management company in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He is a member of Crossgate Church where he co-leads WholeHearted, a young-family life group. Todd is married to his High School sweetheart, Holly, with whom he has two daughters, Brooke and Ella. In 2006, Todd authored a book, “The Christian and HIS Finances”. He has studied and taught on Biblical finances for over 15 years.

[icon_link style=”email” href=”mailto:todd@christianfp.com”]todd@christianfp.com[/icon_link] [icon_link style=”home” href=”http://christianfp.com” target=”new”]www.christianfp.com[/icon_link] [icon style=”phone”](501) 623.1141[/icon] [/four_fifth_last]

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Dubs Byers

Dubs Byers is pastor of First Baptist Church, Dumas, Arkansas.  He is a retired superintendent of schools for the Arkansas Correctional School and holds an Ed.D. from the U of A at Little Rock.  He currently serves on the Arkansas Board of Corrections and has been active in prison reform and reentry for many years.  Dubs and wife, Jane, have three sons.

[icon_link style=”email” href=”mailto:dubsbyers@centurytel.net”]dubsbyers@centurytel.net[/icon_link] [icon style=”phone”](870) 374.0110[/icon] [/four_fifth_last]

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Chad Graves

Chad Graves has served as Bible teacher, youth pastor, campus pastor, and evangelist.  He has spoken in retreats, conferences, camps, and churches throughout the United States. Chad is a graduate of Arkansas State University and Liberty Baptist Seminary. He and his wife, Julie, have two sons, Noah and Ethan.

[icon_link style=”email” href=”mailto:pastorchadgraves@gmail.com”]pastorchadgraves@gmail.com[/icon_link] [icon style=”phone”](870) 723.8043[/icon] [/four_fifth_last]

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Jaycob Kramer

Jaycob Kramer has served as a Youth Pastor for more than thirteen years and is currently the Discipleship Pastor at East Union Baptist Church in East End, Arkansas. He graduated from Henderson State University with a BA in Psychology and is currently pursuing a MA in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Jaycob and his wife Heather have three children, Lily, Jude, and Max.

[icon_link style=”email” href=”mailto:jaycob@eastunionbaptist.org”]jaycob@eastunionbaptist.org[/icon_link] [icon style=”phone”](501) 554.4840[/icon] [/four_fifth_last]

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Ross & Amy McBroome

Ross & Amy McBroome met while at HSU in Arkadelphia. They have been married for 18 years, and God has blessed them with 3 wonderful children, Madison, Kaden & Caleb. They have worked with MBSF, Family Life, Teenagers, and Mission points from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Pennsylvania. Ross is the Lead Pastor at Fort Smith Baptist Fellowship.

[icon_link style=”email” href=”mailto:rmcbroome@sbcglobal.net”]rmcbroome@sbcglobal.net[/icon_link] [icon style=”phone”](479) 597.0129[/icon] [/four_fifth_last]

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Tim and Carrie Bourne

Tim and Carrie Bourne have been married for 19 years and have three sons, Jordan, Titus, and Silas.  Tim is the founding Pastor of Genesis Metro Church in Frisco, Texas.  He communicates the word of God with both humor and passion, full of easily applicable concepts for life.  Carrie’s passion revolves around Women’s Ministry to help women know and understand their freedom in Christ.  She is on staff at Genesis Metro Church.

[icon_link style=”email” href=”mailto:carrie.bourne@genesismetro.org”]carrie.bourne@genesismetro.org[/icon_link] [/four_fifth_last]

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Doug Goodman

Doug Goodman was on the planning team that organized the Arkansas Youth Conference in 1996 and is current director of AYC. He is high school minister and leads worship at one of the worship services at East Union Baptist Church. His wife Stephanie is a pediatric nurse. Doug and Steph were married in 1997 and have 4 beautiful children, Savannah, Molly, Grady, and Emma.

[icon_link style=”email” href=”mailto:brotherdoug@att.net“]brotherdoug@att.net[/icon_link] [icon style=”phone”](501) 888.2633 x29[/icon] [/four_fifth_last]