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Nehemiah 4:14 urges us to fight for our family.  However, this can be difficult and taxing for a family,  especially for a family that has made mistakes or found themselves in trying conditions not of their making.  Later in this account in Nehemiah the people are commanded to not only live their lives but to fight for their family while they are rebuilding the wall.  In closing we will connect the dots from the weekend sessions and give next steps to  build or to rebuild  families on solid Biblical principles.

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Larry & Lorinda Fincher have extensive experience in teaching, counseling, and working with families.  They have presented seminars, conferences, and retreats nationally and internationally.  Larry and Lorinda attend Pathway Baptist Church in Fayetteville, AR where Larry is on staff.  They have five children and fifteen grandchildren.

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  • Thank you so much for the hard work put into this seminar. I have never been able to attend so I’m grateful for the opportunity you gave me to participate! I thoroughly enjoyed each speaker and am excited to continue growing in my marriage with Christ!


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