Is there something missing or needing improvement in your family? Do you long for your family to be whole and complete? Look no further! God wants your family to experience true wholeness (1 Thess 5:23). Our retreat is designed to help you and your family experience this wholeness by doing the hard things, as outlined in Philippians 4:9.  Our knowledgeable speakers will guide you through biblical teachings and provide opportunities for strengthening your family.

Our spring retreat is being held in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The goal here is to provide plenty of opportunities for rest, relaxation, and fun times with your spouse that can only be found in a resort area like the Gulf Coast. We have spread out the retreat over 3 days to give you and your spouse more relaxation time. The 2024 Spring Retreat dates are Friday night April 26 through noon Sunday April 28.

Find WHOLENESS in Your Life in these Areas!









FRIDAY EVENING kicks off your get-away with dinner at the Lake Pavilion and a time to experience food, friends, and fellowship.  The first general session will be Thursday night, and don’t forget afterwards the refreshments, free time, and fellowship.

SATURDAY’s schedule allows you to customize the conference to meet your specific needs in the areas of marriage, parenting, personal growth, health, family relationships, and finance with concurrent morning sessions followed by Connect Time to allow you to discuss what you have just learned in the sessions.  Table Talk allows you to meet with the presenter of your choice and discuss the topic of your choice.  Friday afternoon is set aside as free-time to Gulf Coast attractions including sun, sand, seafood, and shopping.

SATURDAY EVENING includes a time of worship and  a Q&A session with the presenters to address your specific topics and concerns followed by a challenge.  Afterwards enjoy refreshments, camp fire, free time, and fellowship.

SUNDAY’s schedule again allows you to choose between concurrent sessions pertaining to the family to tailor the morning to your specific interests followed by Connect Time and Table Talk.  The general session wraps up the retreat with a summary and challenge.

Come renew your relationship with the Lord, your mate, your future mate, or friends while learning practical application of Biblical principles to every-day family life.


Click on the dates below to see the schedule for that day.

3:00 PM Registration (from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm)
6:00 PM Dinner at the Lake Pavilion
7:00 PM General Session (Music, Games, Speaker)
9:00 PM Refreshments / Free Time / Fellowship
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Kick Off
9:15 AM Concurrent Sessions
10:15 AM Connect Time / Refreshments
11:00 AM Table Talk
12:00 PM Lunch (afternoon, lunch, and dinner on your own)
6:30 PM Introduction / Q&A / Worship
8:00 PM
General Session
9:00 PM
Refreshments / Free Time / Fellowship
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Kick Off
9:15 AM Concurrent Sessions
10:15 AM Connect Time / Refreshments
11:15 AM General Session
12:00 PM
Summary Conclusion



Registration deadline for the conference is April 24.
After that conference registrations are on an as available basis.


If you choose to stay offsite, here are some nearby lodging options:

There are a number of motels, condos, and hotels in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach areas.  If you are staying offsite you need to make your own reservations.

2024 Spring Retreat Ticket


To reserve your spot for the 2024 Spring Retreat at Camp Baldwin in Elberta, AL, just buy a ticket for each person. Rooms onsite are limited so be sure to reserve yours today! Deadline is April 24 –  Register early to guarantee on site reservations!

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Event Details

Date: April 26 - 28, 2024

Start time: 03:00 p.m.

Venue: Camp Baldwin Elberta, AL

Do you have friends at church that might enjoy the retreat? Help us spread the word! Download a Spring Promo Pack PDF with all the info you’ll need.


Wholeness – Do the Hard Things

Larry and Lorinda Fincher

Are you tired of feeling like your family is just barely getting by in terms of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health? It’s time to embrace God’s desire for wholeness in every aspect of your life! According to 1 Thessalonians 5:23, God wants us to be whole in every way. This means taking care of our spirits, minds, hearts, as well as our bodies. But let’s be honest, achieving wholeness isn’t easy. It requires us to do the hard things, as Philippians 4:9 reminds us. It means making tough choices about how we spend our time, what we allow into our minds and hearts, and how we care for our bodies. But the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! With God’s help, you can achieve wholeness in every aspect of your family’s life. In this session we will lay out a plan of how to experience the joy and peace that comes from living a whole and healthy life!

Stewarding Our Bodies

Mark and Jenny Clements

What we do with our bodies is important. Our bodies are vessels that can be used for honorable purposes or dishonorable purposes. If you are a child of God, you have been born again and sealed with the Holy Spirit who now indwells you permanently, making your body a temple of God and a place of perpetual worship. God’s Word teaches that our lives on earth are brief compared to eternity, like morning mist that burns away with the rising of the sun. But brief as it may be, this life is our only earthly opportunity to bring glory to God by making eternal impacts in the lives of others. We are stewards of all God has given to us, which includes our bodies, our salvation, and the good news of God’s gospel, so it is incumbent upon us to make the best use of our days on earth.  In “Stewarding Our Bodies,” we will find biblical exhortation and encouragement to do the hard things required for bodily discipline, with the goal of making the biggest impact possible with our lives for the glory of God.

Parenting in a Sex-Obsessed World: Instilling a Biblical View

Ross & Amy McBroome

Did you ever think we would be living in a world that is obsessed with sexuality and children?Do you worry about your children growing up in the world that seems obsessed with it? How do we as parents install in our children a biblical worldview for sexuality? Most of us don’t feel comfortable having to discuss any topic that involves sex with our kids. Unfortunately, the world is already having conversations with your young children. Even if you are a super parent, there is no way for you to protect your children from being exposed to a worldview of sexuality. The purpose of this workshop is to equip you to “DO THE HARD THING” so that you are able and comfortable presenting a biblical worldview to your children, not one fashioned & formed by political correctness and worldly influence. But instead, one that celebrates a Godly view of sexuality.

Wholeness in Finances – Do The Hard Things

Terry Bewley

Amelia Earhart said, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act”.  Becoming financially free may seem like an insurmountable goal.  The good news is, God has a lot to say about our possessions and money.  God cares about the whole person, including how we view and use money.  In this session we will discuss how to do the hard things when it comes to our finances.  You may find out; it isn’t as hard as you think!  It’s time for your family to enjoy the financial freedom God intended!

Living Whole When Your Life Is Full of Holes

Dubs and Jane Byers

Families don’t always turn out the way we planned. Financial stability sometimes ends up not being so stable. Lifelong friends turn out to be not so lifelong. Health issues hinder our dreams.
In our youth, we never know the holes in the road that must be navigated as we journey through life. Some holes we dig ourselves; some are brought about by circumstances beyond our control. In order to be whole in our living, we must do the hard things by exercising faith and trusting that God is greater than the problems we face. He is always at work for our good even though we may not recognize it. God is always good, even when life is not.
In this segment, we will share what a lifetime of living has taught us about living whole when life is filled with holes.

Don’t Ever Quit!

Jaycob Kramer

Just like nature, marriage too goes through different seasons- spring (new), summer (fun), fall (fading), and winter (bitter). A strong and healthy marriage is one that learns how to survive these seasons. You see, we all walk through times of difficult children, hectic schedules, career changes, mental/physical illness, death, financial stress, unfaithfulness, neglect, empty-nest and more. We have to learn the Biblical principle that we need to survive these difficult seasons. During this class, we will take an honest look at the struggles we face in marriage and offer solutions that will strengthen your marriage relationship.

But I’m not that way anymore

Dr. Eric and Keri Spann

So, what if you don’t come from a family, background, heritage, or life of wholeness?  What if a life of wholeness seems like it’s for others and out of your reach?  How do all of these teachings and counsels apply to you?  Dr. Spann, with Keri’s help will discuss how you can overcome a bad background, dysfunctional family,  sin-tarnished past, or even a history of abuse.  There is hope and healing available, yes, for You.  This isn’t theory folks, it’s tried-and-true.



“I love the HomeBuilders Retreat!  I am married but my husband is a non-believer.  We are going through a hard time in our marriage and just celebrated  17 years.  I was hesitant at first about going as I saw a lot of couples attending the retreat.  God spoke to me and opened my heart to go with my sister Sue!  No matter what season in life we are in, God is good and He always provides us with people that serve Him.  It’s for everyone.  The retreat is uplifting and remind me of who I am…..living… Read more
Tida Stocker