FALL RETREAT | October 21-23, 2022 | BRANSON, MO

When something is out of balance it is unstable and tottering on the brink of failing or being damaged.  At times our personal lives and families are in that state of potential harm.  One symptom of being out of balance is anxiety which was the one word that kept coming up in the Q&A sessions and critiques last year.

Our theme this year is BALANCE, and we will focus on stabilizing families on Biblical principles.  The theme verse, Matt 6:33, gives the solution for Balance and the following verse, Matt 6:34, gives the solution for anxiety.

Join us in Branson at the Westgate Resort for the Fall Retreat October 21-23 to learn how to put balance in your family with a time of learning, fellowship, relaxing, and refocusing.  Also enjoy the Westgate amenities and Branson attractions – shows, Silver Dollar City, Table Rock Lake, museums, ziplines, and more.

Balance Your Life in these Areas!








FRIDAY EVENING kicks off your get-away with dinner at the Pavilion and a time to experience food, friends, and fellowship.  The first general session will be Friday night, and don’t forget afterwards the refreshments, free time, and fellowship.

SATURDAY‘s schedule allows you to customize the conference to meet your specific needs in the areas of marriage, parenting, personal growth, health, family relationships, and finance with concurrent morning sessions followed by Connect Time to allow you to discuss what you have just learned in the sessions.  Saturday afternoon is set aside as free-time to enjoy Branson area attractions.

SATURDAY EVENING includes a time of worship and  a Q&A session with the presenters to address your specific topics and concerns followed by a challenge.  Afterwards enjoy refreshments, camp fire, free time, and fellowship.

SUNDAY’s schedule again allows you to choose between concurrent sessions pertaining to the family to tailor the morning to your specific interests.  The general session wraps up the retreat with a summary and challenge.  For those desiring extra time away, accommodations can be arranged with the Westgate Resort or other establishments within the area to enjoy the many Branson area attractions.

Come renew your relationship with the Lord, your mate, your future mate, or friends while learning practical application of Biblical principles to every-day family life.




Registration deadline for the conference is October 17th.
After that conference registrations are on an as available basis.  Accommodations are made separately. Onsite accommodations are available at a reduced rate until October 12th for those desiring to stay onsite.


Accommodations are not included in the cost of the retreat.  
Registrants will need to make reservations for their own lodging.


Click on the dates below to see the schedule for that day.
3:00 PM Registration (from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm)
6:00 PM Dinner at the Pavilion
7:00 PM General Session (Music, Games, Speaker)
9:00 PM Refreshments / Free Time / Fellowship / Camp Fire


Balance: The Antidote for Anxiety

Larry and Lorinda Fincher

We live in an anxious, overextended world in every area – family, finances, career, ministry, lifestyle.  “Anxious” was the one word that kept coming up in the last cycle of retreats through Q&A sessions as well as the critiques.  In this session we will define anxiety, explore some of the sources, and examine some of the consequences.  But more importantly we will discuss the antidote for anxiety, BALANCE.  Balance is a personal decision and can only be achieved by executing a trustworthy plan intentionally with set priorities.  This plan is set out in the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5, 6, and 7 with the heart of the matter being Matthew 6:33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. With this antidote we will lay out a general plan and direct attendees to sessions that will give greater details.

Balance in Ministry

Mark and Jenny Clements

There is a “time for every matter under heaven,” but that does not mean everything under heaven has to be done according to our timing. How do you maintain the delicate balance required for your personal health, your family’s health, your church’s health and your community’s health? Balance in ministry begins with a few basic principles that guide our approach to everyday living. In “Balance in Ministry,” we will discover and apply wisdom from Solomon, who dealt with weighty expectations and learned the secrets to living a balanced life.

Getting Control of Yourself (No Matter What Life Throws at You)

Dr. Eric and Keri Spann

Do you live in bondage of the ‘What ifs’ of Life?”  Do you find yourself regularly feeling that you can’t handle your burdens nor control your emotions?  Do you regularly feel that you’re insufficient and reach for something beyond yourself for comfort from feelings of tension and stress?  Do you live with or minister to those that do?  Dr. Spann has determined over a 30 year career that the majority of the visits in his office and care time are impacted significantly by persistent anxiety.

Scripture has much to say about the confidence with which the children of the King can approach the trials of life.  You can live beyond the bondage of your fears, but it takes obedience to the King of Peace to live in peace.  Dr. and Mrs. Spann will deal medically and personally with anxiety and its problem, prevention, and prescription—and these issues in the various seasons of marriage and life.

Healthy Family Finances

Todd Sadowski

When your finances are out of balance, the enemies of fear, anxiety, and frustration can feel overwhelming. Peace comes by setting the right priorities and achieving the proper balance for your family’s finances. In this session, we will discuss how to envision and achieve the life you want. Take your finances to the next level as you strive toward financial success.

Don’t Fall off the Log

Dubs and Jane Byers

Have you ever walked across a creek on a fallen log? We instinctively hold our arms out for increased balance. Have you ever noticed a tight-rope walker using a long pole that he holds near his waist as he walks the tight rope? Why? In short, the pole allows for better balance. It is a tool. Without it, the walker may plunge to injury or death.   Balance in life is hard to achieve. Like the gravity that pulls on the tight-rope walker, there are many areas of life that tug at our time. We MUST be a good spouse and parent. We MUST take time to serve the Lord. We MUST provide for our families. How do we balance all these areas of our lives? The answer is: with proper tools. In this workshop we will examine some tools that may help us find balance between our profession and our personal and spiritual life.

Everybody Cheats

Jaycob Kramer

We all do it. We all have several important demands on our lives. We have a goal to chase after, a spouse to cherish, a family to control, a church to commit to, a community to care for, and the list could go on. You see, when we say “yes” to one thing, we say “no” to another — we cheat. In this session we will view boundaries in marriage from a biblical perspective. We will also look at ways to solve common boundaries conflicts with ourselves, friends, our work, our family, our children, and our spouse. We will learn that setting boundaries is not about fixing, changing, or punishing our spouse—setting boundaries has little to do with limiting others and more about learning self-control (Gal 5:22-23). Join me as we discover what balance looks like in marriage.

Parenting while Stuck on a High Wire

Ross and Amy McBroome

As parents do you feel like you’re 50 feet up over the big top? Walking a tight rope that you could slip from at any moment. Too much one way or the other and splat! This workshop is designed to set priorities that are God-centered in parenting. We will also identify those things that tend to get us out of balance.  Together we will look at and identify what is normal stress and how to deal with it in parenting. We will also look at the unbalanced expectations of our parenting. Finally, we will also explore a connect time designed to hold us accountable as we learn to balance our parenting.



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We had the best time. We’ve already begun to make changes in the household with not only oursleves but with our children as well. My wife and I are so blessed to have been able to participate in Homebuilders that we’ve told our friends about it as well.  ~ Tyler Boos