A Biblical Perspective of Marriage, is a seminar developed over a ten year period from extensive Bible study, teaching, counseling, and real life experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) as a husband and wife. The focus is to examine Biblical principles pertaining to this challenging, yet rewarding, relationship and then to learn how to apply these principles in a practical way in everyday life.

Experience has shown that there is a world of hurt, disappointment, and failure resulting from ignorance and misinformation about this most basic and important relationship–Marriage. The premise used in teaching the seminar is that no one understands this prime relationship like the Creator and no other book addresses the subject like His instructional manual–the Bible.

The format is a series of six one-hour sessions, which can be tailored to three nights, a Friday night and Saturday, or any other suitable combination. A student workbook, overhead projection, lecture, and group discussion are utilized. At appropriate times the attendees are divided into men/women groups to more completely address the husband/wife roles and issues. The seminar is available live or on video.


Seminar Content

Session 1

Origin of Marriage
Purpose of Marriage
Process of Marriage

Session 2

Unique Differences

Session 3


Session 4

Love (Men)
Submission (Women)

Session 5

God’s View of Sex
Male & Female Sexuality

Session 6

Biblical Sexual Principles
Application (Men/Women)