Session info:

“It’s a scary world out there.”  We think it constantly and we tell our kids regularly.  The thing is, it’s not just scary “out there” anymore.  The virtual world of the internet has now brought the big, bad, scary world into almost every part of our lives—and our homes.

Parents (and grandparents) struggle with the knowledge that we need to protect our kids from the danger of the internet, but with technology continually evolving and new risks arising every day, it’s daunting to even think about where to begin.  This session will discuss some real-life, practical ways to secure your home network, as well as the shared and individual devices that your loved ones use to interact with the online world.  We will discuss good practices to protect your accounts and guard your devices from the things that can easily (and even unintentionally) come through them.  We’ll even touch on some parental control or reporting options to ensure your child’s device isn’t being used to violate the expectations you set when you gave it to them.

Speaker Information:

Ashley Harris comes to us from Hot Springs, Arkansas. She is a wife to her best-friend, Jason, and mother to two boys, Ty and Beckett. She graduated University of Arkansas at Monticello with a Computer Information Systems/Criminal Justice degree and is bringing her knowledge and experience as a both a parent and her previous work with law-enforcement to share practical ways to protect and safeguard our families from the physical and spiritual threats that can be too easily discovered online.