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Paul’s appeal to the church in Corinth to practice self discipline for the sake of the Kingdom came from his own experience. He had denied himself marriage, family, a missionary’s salary, and his own personal preferences in order to make the biggest kingdom impact possible, no matter who listened to him: Jew, Gentile, bond, free, man, woman. He became all things to all people BECAUSE HE COULD become all things to all people; He was kingdom fit and flexible.

He appeals to Christians with an argument from physical athletics, going from the lesser importance to the greater: If professional athletes discipline themselves in order to win a perishable wreath, how much MORE should WE discipline OURSELVES in order to advance God’s eternal kingdom? This requires self discipline in every aspect of life, both physical and spiritual. It means saying NO to what our flesh may want and saying YES to what our flesh may detest. The result is a family of Christians who have the FITNESS and FLEXIBILITY to do WHATEVER God wants them to do.

Fit and flexible families make powerful and long-term impacts for the kingdom of God. In our session, we will consider why and how to lead fit and flexible families.

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Mark & Jenny CLements served as missionaries in the Philippines for seven years planting a church and training young men and women through Philippine Missionary Baptist Seminary. Since 2008 they have been serving God through New Liberty Baptist Church in Garland, TX. Mark and Jenny have four children, Noah, Mahlah, Nathan, and Rhoda. Through 21 years of marriage and ministry, and raising four children, God has taught them many difficult lessons, but He has always been faithful. If there is anything good or noteworthy about their marriage, family, or ministry, it is credited to the mercy and grace of God.