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Larry & Lorinda Fincher

The theme of this year’s retreat runs counter to today’s egocentric culture. In the quest of me, we and specifically He are moved to the back burner with catastrophic results for the family. To have success in the family, we must re-prioritize to HE>WE>ME. We will discuss how we do this in practical ways by focusing our attention to determine our direction to reach our destination.
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Budgets are $exy!

Todd Sadowski

Did you know that a good, Christ-centered budget can make you amazingly attractive and even SEXY to your significant other? Learn how a spending plan can give you confidence and give your spouse the peace of mind he or she is craving. Get a budget and be sexy!
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Marriage, Love, PEACE, Repeat

Carrie Bourne

So, you’re married and you’re in love. And maybe you’ve been married for a while, and you’re in love, but there is that blessed thing we all hate — tension. Tension that may lead to treacherous waters in your home; to unrest, to hurt, to quiet bitterness. What you want is peace and you’d give anything to have it in your relationship. Because let’s face it — the absence of peace evades every room, every crevice, every spot on the floor. Let’s talk, ladies. Lets get real. No need to wear the mask! How do we find peace? What does the bible say about peace? What is our role in finding peace? How can we really change the climate? The Bible has so much to tell us about the peace that only Christ can give. Come and sit with me, let’s have some coffee, open the Word and let Him speak!
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A Manhood Journey—From “I Do” to R.I.P.

Dubs Byers

This session will examine the different stages in a man’s life, how his role changes in marriage and family relationships, and how he can maximize his marriage from beginning to end.
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Holy CommUnion

Dr. Eric Spann

Godly marriage begins in Heaven: “Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” Marriage is a spiritual bond BEFORE it is a sexual one. Marriage is an analogy of Christ’s spiritual bond, supply, and providence over His body. “So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members of one another.” God gave sex in a holy, pure, unashamed, completely intimate world between God and man, man and wife. It is holy.
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The Priority of Marriage: 1+1=One

Jaycob Kramer

The most central part of marriage is two people becoming one (Genesis 2:24). The expectation is then that marriage will fuse two people together but in reality the turbulence of marriage fragments people from one into two. In this session we will focus on developing a growing marriage by avoiding the relational gridlock. Join in the conversation as we explore God’s design for the WE>ME, the progression of division, and develop Biblical goals for restoration.
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The “Wholiness” of God

Chad Graves

A consumer relationship is a transactional relationship. In a self-oriented consumer mindset we give the minimum amount for the most we can get. The heart of God is not consumeristic. God is a filler of the earth. God is a giver and an initiator. A God centered person works from a covenant relationship and is free because they are truly known and wholly accepted.
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Heritage vs. Inheritance: Leaving Your Kids Biblical Treasures

Ross McBroome

What is the most valuable thing that you can pass on to your children: money, family name, heirlooms, or even Grandma’s pearls? The purpose of this workshop is to look at the importance of passing on that which “Moth and rust can’t destroy”. Join us as we discover practical ideas to teach a Biblical perspective of Godly heritage to our children.[/three_fourth_last] [divider_padding]